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Will Levington Comfort, an american writer, known primarily for adventure novels such as Apache. Several of his novels were made into film, including Somewhere south of Sonora, starring John Wayne. He was also a serious writer, and his book Routledge Rides Alone,a pacifist manifesto in the form of a beautiful novel, was the BEST BOOK on 1910. He also wrote about theosophical subjects. SON OF POWER His name was Sanford Hantee, but you will hear that only occasionally, for the boys of the back streets called him Skag, which 'got' him somewhere at once. That was in Chicago. He was eleven years old, when he wandered quite alone to Lincoln Park Zoo, and the madness took him. A silent madness. It flooded over him like a river. If any one had noticed, it would have appeared that Skag's eyes changed. Always he quite contained himself, but his lips stirred to speech even less after that. He didn't pretend to go to school the next day: in fact, the spell wasn't broken until nearly a week afterward, when the keeper of the Monkey House pointed Skag out to a policeman, saying the boy had been on the grounds the full seven open hours for four straight days that he knew of.

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